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Africa Turnaround won a highly competitive innovation bid and has been partnering with KCB (the biggest bank in East Africa) under the Mobigrow program since 2018. The partnership involves development and pilot testing of low cost, effective and scalable managerial training for farmer organizations and agri-SMEs in Kenya. ATL developed a mobile learning management system (LMS) under the Twalisha platform, digitized IFC's leadership development program, and pilot tested the training with 35 farmer organizations. 


Africa Turnaround Limited (ATL) is an AMEA member.  Being an AMEA member gives us access to global approaches and tools for professionalizing farmer organizations and Agri-SMEs. The Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA) is a global multi-stakeholder alliance of diverse organizations that share the belief in the collective and transformative power of farming as a business, and a mission to increase the professionalism of farming organizations. The Alliance develops, promotes and implements the AMEA Framework. AMEA aims to advance professional farmer organizations with a cost-effective and integrated system built on an ISO global definition for professional farmer organizations, assessments, training materials and service providers. For more about AMEA, visit https://www.ameaglobal.org/

As a SCOPEInsight Partner, Africa Turnaround uses the SCOPE methodology (tools) to assess the professionalism of farmer organizations and Agri-SMEs, including collection agents, retailers and input retailers. As Partners, we believe in farming as a business. SCOPEInsight has led the way in developing innovative, universally-applicable assessment tools that measure the level of farmer professionalism in emerging markets. SCOPEinsight believe that farmer professionalism is the key to structural transformation of the agricultural sector. By providing business intelligence we aim to increase transparency in the agricultural market, lower investment risks and increase business opportunities for stakeholders in and around the agricultural value chain. For more about AMEA, visit http://www.scopeinsight.com


Africa Turnaround offers the IFC designed training and coaching program known as the Agribusiness Leadership Program (ALP). ALP is designed to build capacity of farmer organizations (including cooperatives, distributors, and retailers) as a way of integrating smallholders into modern supply chains (access to markets, finance and inputs). The varying degrees of professionalism and business management skills in these organizations make it difficult for them to act as reliable supply chain partners. ALP’s goal is to help food and agribusiness clients build stronger, more sustainable supply chains. ALP integrates SCOPEinsight assessments for capacity and creditworthiness, classroom training, and coaching in a 6- to 24-month program designed to measurably improve the management skills and professionalism of farmer organizations. The program will expand to include businesses that work with smallholder farmers, including collection agents and food and input retailers. For more on ALP, visit: