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Building market responsive farmer organizations 


We Build Africa's Food Chain

Africa Turnaround Limited (ATL) is a 13 year old Kenyan based agribusiness consultancy firm that works with farmer organizations and other market actors to build farmer inclusive market ecosystems driven by the vision of shared prosperity. 

We are an SME company dedicated to building a SYSTEM for integrating farmers in food market systems, delivering access to market, inputs, finance and technical assistance in a commercially sustainable way that allows actors to cost share, profit, and scale. 


Ecosystem Approach 

We take a market ecosystem approach to agribusiness development. We believe that the complex challenges faced by farmers cannot be solved by a single solution or actor. Experience has proven, however, that offering farmers a reliable MARKET holds the key to solving not only the perennial challenge of market but also inputs, finance and capacity building. That's why we take an ecosystem approach involving all actors- providing an integrated value chain solution that offers farmers convenient, one-stop access to a bundle of products, including market, input financing, quality farm products and customized information and training. We see farmer organizations as a value consolidation centre and thus capacity build them to enable them engage commercially and professionally with the ecosystem. 

Our Ecosystem Organization & Coordination Services

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Our Private Sector-Led Ecosystem Facilitator Solution

It seems agreeable that "ecosystem" is the way of the future to delivering real solutions to farmers. The riddle we don't seem to have unraveled is this: since no single market actor can sustain the burden of "ecosystem facilitator" alone and neither can development initiatives beyond donor funds- who then is going to? We think there is need for the emergency of commercially sustainable private sector led solutions. 


That is what Twalisha Limited, our second company is all about- Twalisha is Swahili for "Working together to feed the world". It is a private sector led and commercially sustainable ecosystem facilitator that solves the farmers challenges of market, inputs, finance and capacity and enables market actors to commercially integrate farmers in a cost shared, profitable and scalable way. Twalisha organizes and coordinates market ecosystems end to end including: 

1. Aggregation and marketing of farmers produce.

2. Sourcing and distribution of discounted quality inputs to farmers 


3. Input financing with tight and managed ecosystems as guarantee 


4. Digitally powered and sustainable extension and training to farmers and farmer organizations- capacity building is sustained using revenue from the ecosystem. 

Professionalizing Farmer

Organizations as a Means to Consolidating Farmer Value for Market Ecosystems

There are several farmer organization development programs out there, but here are seven strong reasons why you should use our SHIRIKA program:

1. The program is built on the AMEA framework and the ISO global guidelines for professional farmer organizations. 


2. Uses SCOPEInsight (standard) assessment tools that measure farmer organisations market responsiveness. We have a pool of trained and certified SCOPE assessors in the region and have conducted hundreds of assessments for reputable organizations such as KCB, AGRA, USAID, RTI, SNV, and NCBA CLUSA among others. 


3. Offers IFC's Agribusiness Leadership Program (ALP) for farmer organizations- we are the first provider to offer a digital version of the ALP.  ALP is aligned to the SCOPE tools and ISO guidelines and is therefore highly targeted to closing capacity gaps identified by the SCOPE tools. 


4. Is delivered using our mobile learning platform (under our Twalisha platform), developed and pilot tested in partnership with KCB GROUP (the biggest bank in East Africa). Our digital learning allows participants to determine their own learning path and learn at their own pace and convenience. 


5. Blends self-learning with Coach support- farmer organizations are matched to expert coaches that support learners to develop learning paths, process technical issues, complete learning and  developed and implement action plans to realize results.  


6. Links learning to actual business performance by linking farmer organizations to market, inputs and finance. Enabling learners to meet real needs in this way creates motivation for learning.  


7. Farmer organizations are able to meet cost of learning through revenue generated from increased productivity and linkage to market ensuring sustainability. 

8. Our Twalisha platform enables farmer organizations to coordinate their supply chain engagement with actors including: collecting input orders from member farmers; undertaking bulk procurement from Twalisha input suppliers; distributing inputs to member farmers; doing production planning and coordinating extension support; aggregating and transporting produce to destination markets; making digital payment to the farmers and locking input savings for the next season.  

Twalisha Ecosystem Platform that Enables Farmer Organizations to Integrate & Coordinate with Other Market Actors

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